Conservative (real conservatives) can thank Donald Trump for one great deed. He exposed the Republican ilk called the Establishment for what they are. The Republican Establishment can no longer call themselves conservatives and they no longer have anywhere to hide. They are globalist cockroaches exposed to the light.

The GOP Establishment (McConnell, Ryan, Romney, McCain, Bush family, etc) have made it perfectly clear they do not respect the will of the Republican voter. They have opposed and trashed Trump at every turn even though Trump set records in primary votes. They all very noticeably avoided the RNC Convention in Cleveland. Establishment hack John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio, joined in the RNC boycott…in his own state! What a slap to Republican voters who overwhelmingly chose Trump over the usual Establishment losers!

Since Republican voters returned the GOP to power in the Senate and House, we have gotten exactly nothing in return! Unless conservatives are now pleased with a $20 trillion national debt, $1.3 billion Paul Ryan spending bill, no cuts in spending, no reductions in government programs, no repeal and/or defunding of the collapsing ObamaCare (as the Republicans promised in 2010), or anything different from what we suffered from Pelosi and Harry Reid.

In the past, the Establishment knew they could count on the Republican conservative vote by talking conservative during reelection. Where else were we true conservatives to turn? So we dutifully held our noses and voted for the despicable John McCain and the wimpy Establishment hack Mitt Romney with the predictable results. A continued cycle of what AWD refers to as “losering.” It’s what the Establishment does.

The Establishment is fine with losering. By allowing Democrats to hold the White House, they can pretend they fight for us when their real agenda is the same globalist path of the Democrats. We fell for it for a while. Then we realized conservatives have no one to represent us in Washington.

2016 was ripe for Donald Trump. With the conservative voter repulsed by the Republican Establishment, we looked outside the usual Party hacks for our man. A non-politician who unashamedly speaks the truth and doesn’t apologize for doing so. A man who says he will put America first and return jobs to the long-suffering middle class. Who did the Establishment serve up? El Jeb Bush. Another Bush disaster who made it perfectly clear he hated conservatives and spent his time defending and promoting illegal aliens. Trump destroyed El Jeb.

The Establishment has done everything they can to destroy Trump. They have made it clear they much prefer Hillary over Trump. Why? Because her globalist agenda is their agenda. As we have discussed here on numerous occasions, Republicans = Democrats in Washington. They are all Globalists who seek to destroy America through debt, massive Third World and Muslims immigration, unwinnable and unending wars, and further destruction of Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties.

Going forward, why would any conservative support the Republican Party now that it has been exposed as having the same agenda as Democrats? The Republicans have done nothing for conservatives and would be foolish to expect our ongoing support. Especially after this eye-opening election cycle.

Conservative America is ripe for a Third Party and why not? When Republicans = Democrats, why waste our time, money and votes on our ideological enemies? The Establishment has no clothes. There is nowhere for them to hide.

Donald Trump is the perfect man for his time. He’s also the only Republican who can win. He is not beholden to the Religious Right anti-abortion crowd which alienated socially moderate voters. Nor is he ready to start wars in every corner of the world. He’s also ready to demand our “allies” pay their share of their defense instead of the American taxpayer. Trump promises to build border walls and eliminate illegal immigration and greatly curtail Muslim immigration. And he says he will punish China for currency manipulation. After 24 years of Clinton, Bush, and Obama, Trump’s approach is a breath of fresh air for conservative taxpayers!

So is it far-fetched to foresee a Conservative Party or a Constitutional Party on the horizon? A Party of Reagan going forward since the Republican Party of 2016 is the Party of Tip O’Neill?

But AWD, a Third Party of conservatives would split the Republican vote and ensure Democrat control! Well, how have Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Paul Ryan, and the lifetime in office Republican corruptocrats worked out for us? They are, by all measurements, Democrats. Maybe they are conservative on some social issues like abortion. But let’s face it, is abortion the greatest threat America faces in 2016 as we import millions of illegal moochers, terrorist refugees from the Middle East, and sink into a cesspool of national debt?

I know not what course others will take, but for me, the Republican Party is dead to AWD. I will support real conservatives and never again vote for Conservatives In Name Only. I will proudly vote for Trump no matter what the Establishment and #NeverTrump globalist idjits say. Screw them all as they tell me Trump is more dangerous to America than Hillary Clinton. I believe they are more dangerous than Hillary!

There’s a storm coming from the right. This time we won’t be fooled by globalist Establishment hacks.


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