Big mouth leftists like Michael Moore have been hinting there would be mass protests/riots on Inauguration Day. Oh boy, pass the popcorn!

There is a website called Refuse Fascism organizing protests against President-elect Trump’s inauguration. Here is some verbiage from their website:

The Trump/Pence Regime Is Illegitimate.

1. Trump won the electoral vote – a legacy of slavery, and used to embed inequality in voting rights since. He lost the popular vote, by over 2 and a half million votes. Trump has no “mandate”, and his victory is illegitimate.

2. More fundamental: the illegitimacy of the fascist regime Trump is moving to install. Trump promises to inflict repression and suffering on people in this country, to deport millions, to increase violence up to the use of nuclear weapons on people across the globe, and to inflict catastrophes upon the planet itself. He has assembled a cabinet of Christian fundamentalist fanatics, war mongers, racists, science deniers. NO! His regime must not be allowed to consolidate. We REFUSE to accept a Fascist America!

Look at the gaggle of leftist morons listed on that page. Nothing but tortured ex-hippie communists and the ever-offended black racist crowd. Pitiful. Just pitiful. My guess is none of the “leaders” of this organization will be charging into the police lines with violent intentions.

In fact, I believe the Black Lives Matter/anti-American/communist crowds funded by the evil George Soros will find a much different welcome at their little violent protests with this administration than they did with the previous. I don’t look for Black Lives Matter to be regular guests at the White House once Trump moves in.

On the other hand, for some, a violent revolution by leftists is just what they’ve been waiting for. Patriotic Americans are heavily armed and a great many have military experience. Millions of them. Many believe a purge of hard-core leftists is required in America to eliminate those who contribute nothing to society but violence and dependency on the taxpayer. Once that dance starts and violent leftists realize they are outmanned, outgunned, and outfoxed, they will shrink back into their little holes like the scared, worthless rats they are. As for me? I prefer peace. Until the time for peace ends. Get some!

My guess is the inauguration will take place without a hitch. There might be a few tepid protests and rallies in large inner-cities but nothing will happen on a major scale. For the sake of the leftists, they better hope I’m right.

If not, let’s get ready to rumble!


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