It’s being reported that at least three of the gunmen in the Kenyan Mall attack are from the Great Satan. AWD is shocked! Shocked, I tell ya! Whodathunk it? There’s a mall in Kenya?!

The Somali Al Qaeda wing of the Religion of Murder, Al Shabaab (who the hell is Al and why can’t they get to him?) outed the names of the three “Americans” who were part of the slaughter that murdered at least 60 people and wounded hundreds more. They are Ahmed Mohamed Isse, 22, of St. Paul, Minnesota., Abdifatah Osman Keenadiid, 24, of Minneapolis, and Gen Mustafe Noorudiin, 27, of Kansas City, Missouri. Obviously, the pride of Minnesota and Missouri! In fact, it’s reported Keenadiid and Isse were voted “Most Likely To Explode” at their Twin City mosques. They were presented their very own IEDs by Keith Ellison, D-Mecca!

None of what happened in Kenya is surprising. These murders and other atrocities occur basically everywhere Muslims infect worldwide. But the fact that Al Shabaab created a recruiting video targeting young Somalis in Minnesota to wage jihad (murder innocent people) should open a few sleeping eyes in America.

It would appear all those good-hearted, naive, politically correct, square-headed Lutherans in Minnesota may have opened the immigration doors too wide when they started the tsunami of Somali immigration decades ago. The only thing the Somalis in Minnesota seem to do well is commit crime. Oh, and live off of welfare.

Remember when Al Qaeda grand poobah Ayman al-Zawahiri called on Muslim terrorists (redundancy alert) to commit terrorist acts in America last week? AWD has a question for the good-hearted, naive, politically correct, square-headed Lutherans in Minnesota. What if your lovely Muslim citizens had headed down to the Mall of Great Satan in Bloomington and opened fire?

What happens when coordinated attacks on schools, shopping malls, gas stations and other public places occur throughout America? What happens when the word comes down from al-Zawahiri or another Muslim madman for a day or week or months of massive jihad? What do we do? Stay at home and hide while what’s left of our economy shuts down?

Don’t think it can happen? It already has! Fort Hood is a @#&* US Army base and a Muslim madman who was protected by PC military higher-ups more concerned about their careers than the safety of Americans went on a rampage and killed 13 Americans while screaming Alihu Akbar. Obviously, just another clear cut instance of workplace violence. Just like the workplace violence that took place at the mall in Kenya. Maybe the gunmen over there just didn’t like working at the Chik-fil-A and this was their way of protesting having to work weekends.

Islam is a world-wide cancer. And, just like cancer in the human body, it must be removed or the body dies. Since the first World Trade Center bombing, AWD has waited to see JUST ONE positive thing Islam does in the world! JUST ONE! Still waiting.

Just a few years after America rid the world of Saddam Hussein, stupid people in America elected another Hussein as President. A President who said in his own book he would side with Muslims if he had to choose. And he has! He gave Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood and is currently sending weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria! He watched four Americans die in Libya while he played cards. Surprising? Not at all. Expected.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on what happens when your mall’s aisles run red with American blood? AWD isn’t much of a mall guy but if I go, you better believe I’m carrying my Glock and a spare mag. I might get taken out but it won’t be because all I had to rely on for survival was the mercy of the merciless Muslim terrorists in America.

America will once again be awakened from our naive, PC slumber in regard to the goals and savagery of Muslims in this country. Too bad it will cost the lives of many innocents to remind us once again that the cancer of Islam must be removed.

Here’s a post AWD wrote in April, 2012 concerning the beauty Somalis bring to Minnesota and America:



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