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So Apple CEO Tim Cook is refusing to hack the San Bernardino Muslim murderer’s iPhone for the FBI on First Amendment grounds. Here’s what’s reported:

CEO Tim Cook on Monday urged the US government to drop its demands for his company to create a backdoor into an iPhone tied to a terrorist attack. Apple contends that such a breach of security could not be contained and would expose countless iPhone users to unreasonable risks.

Instead, Cook said in an email to employees Monday, he wants Congress to form a commission to “discuss the implications for law enforcement, national security, privacy and personal freedoms.”

I can’t help but wonder if the politically correct leftist CEO Cook would refuse the FBI’s request if the shooter had been a white conservative? (Note: much to the dismay of politically correct leftists and the Mainstream Propaganda Media, mass murderers are never conservatives.) Or what if the shooter hated gay people and murdered 14 gay people in San Bernardino? Cook is a very vocal homosexual. Would he make such a principled stand if it directly affected him or his lifestyle?

AWD isn’t really sure where I stand on this issue as I believe strongly in privacy. But this also was a Muslim terrorist immigrant from a Middle East country who murdered 14 Americans on US soil.

Or perhaps this would be a moot point if the marxist State of California would have allowed the 14 victims to carry guns to protect themselves. Liberals are hardly consistent in their actions and views so it’s difficult to know what Tim Cook would do if the shooter didn’t belong to one of the left’s preferred groups.

And is it just me but what the hell took the FBI this long to request help hacking the terrorist’s phone?! I would think they would have been tearing that bad boy apart before the gun barrels cooled.

You’ll also notice that AWD reported a few weeks back that a source told me he heard from a cop buddy there were three shooters in the San Bernardino murders. This week it’s been reported law enforcement is revealing there was a third shooter.

There’s some freaky sh*t going on in this case! Unfortunately, all the malfeasance will probably lead to more jihad attacks in America.

What’s your opinion on these questions?



  1. My guess is that the fbi has been trying to breach this phone for weeks, has been unable, has approached apple to have them do it, and since the ball bag ceo balked it has come out into the public awareness. Take the damn phone into a secret room in one of apple’s labs, get the info the fbi needs, hand it to them in an envelop, Bob’s your uncle. This doesn’t have to be a breach of every phone made, just this one terrorists phone. Hell, when they’re done with it Tim Cook can stick the phone in his ass. Just saying

  2. I’m with you AWD. I don’t want the government collecting mass data on innocent Americans, but this guy was an enemy combatant. He doesn’t have a right to privacy any more than a Nazi POW in wwii.

  3. John McAfee weighs in on Apple Vs FBI fight

    If AWD needs a little help making up his mind on which side of this critically important issue he wants to take, may I suggest that he give this 6 minute interview of one of the sharpest brains in the world of cyber-security, John McAfee, a view and listen.

    Liberal or not, I side with Apple and Tim Cook on this issue. The US government has long ago been hijacked and taken over by the biggest collection of totalitarian minded, diabolically evil and psychopathic tyrants in world history and I do NOT want to surrender ANY of my privacy rights as guaranteed under the 4th and 5th Amendments to these arrogant, out of control, Constitution and Bill of Rights hating sonasbitches.

    McAfee wisely takes the opportunity to administer a well-deserved skewering of Donald Trump and the technically illiterate judge who issued this court order to Apple and levels a scathing degree of criticism on both of these individuals for being so short sighted and technically clueless that they can’t grasp the long term, horrific consequences of allowing the FBI to get away with forcing Apple to surrender on this issue.

    This is a slam dunk decision, AWD. As Ben Franklin warned us – Those who would surrender liberty for security deserve neither.

    • on this one Tucker…I am with you all the way…….don’t give the feds shit……the fed’s will bully, scream, yell, piss, and moan until they take every god damn freedom we have away from us in the name of security……..while our boarders are as porous as a sieve……

      protecting us my ass…..they protect us in name only…..the reality is the only protection we have is common sense…..and the fed’s will take that away from us if we let them…….the fed’s want us subject to their will….no matter what that is we must obey and be good little serfs…..don’t complain….don’t speak out…..just shut the hell up and do what we say………

      I hope Apple takes this to the highest court in the land…..protect our privacy……

  4. Spurwing Plover

    Screw apple let the worms have it and eat its rotten core out

  5. If the issue is getting into this one phone and the women at Apple will not help, then just charge them with accessory after the fact and deny parole. If it is a privacy issue in general, then Apple should prevail. But, if the issue is one of Apple intentionally subverting the law to not allow the government legal access then make them accessory before the fact. Problem solved.

  6. The dead muzzi’s destroyed their personal phones.The phone the FBI has is a company phone.I doubt there is anything of use on it.Simple solution is to have Apple unlock it .The FBI couldn’t find a vein on Ted Kennedy’s nose, let alone unlock this phone.

  7. These phones are made and assembled in CHINA.
    I expect their is a CHINESE employee somewhere who could analyze and do what is needed,,,right?
    I personally want the FBI to have this info now.
    And yes, I have an Iphone myself.

  8. Possibly if it was a ‘white’ Conservative to boot?

    Tim Cook and Apple are both wrong. Apple doesn’t have to give away the technology to the gov’t to unlock phones – just unlock THAT phone for them.

    I don’t agree with Apple – and don’t see making this a corporate excuse for big companies to feel compelled to hide under the protection of big government. Apple is not acting in good faith for the protection of the citizens of this country, or even their own customers – when in this case it’s not in doubt that these people were TERRORISTS!, not ‘suspected’ of a crime – they are CLEARLY guilty.

    Apple is concerned about one thing and ONLY one thing, and that is their PROFIT. Besides, Apple never invented a damn thing, and if not for Bill Gates giving Steve Jobs back in 1997, millions of dollars, Apple would not exist. Now I know there are many delusional people out there, but that is fact.

    My god, what don’t people understand, this is national security. Besides it’s not as if Big Brother is not already watching or listening in to our affairs now.

    Apple – you deserve to lose customers over this.

    • Jenna – you have not done your homework on this controversy and clearly do not understand what the FBI is demanding from Apple. Let me give you a thumbnail sketch.

      The FBI is demanding that Apple create an entirely new iOS version and remove from this new version the time delay function that causes the phone to ‘sleep’ for a varying and increasing number of minutes in between unsuccessful log in attempts. This new iOS would then be mandated for use on ALL Apple cell phones, and a precedent would be set to force every one of Apple’s competitors who also used the time delay / sleep functional algorithm as a security precaution to safeguard their phones from brute force crack attacks to do likewise. This would mean that the FBI and the tyrannical US government would be forcing all American based cell phone manufacturers to REDUCE the security on their products to make it easier for the FBI or for a foreign espionage agency to hack into the cell phones used by Americans. So, it is not just the ONE or TWO phones allegedly used by the alleged San Bernardino shooters. If Apple caves in and does what the FBI is demanding – every phone in the entire USA will now be accessible to the FBI. And, that is PRECISELY what the tyrannical bastards who’ve hijacked our government are lusting towards.

      Oh, and how long do you think it would be before some disgruntled government FBI agent decided to sell the secrets on how to hack into these phones to some foreign government? Or, should a foreign espionage organization find out the identity of one or more FBI agents who had knowledge of these secrets and then arranged a blackmail event directed at them – or threatened a member of their family, in order to extort the secret hack method from them?

      And, like McAfee points out in the interview – are you saying that the FBI has the right to put a gun to the heads of Apple software programmers and order them to write a new iOS that the FBI can have an easier time hacking into?

      • Well, you know what they say about opinions.

        Encryption isn’t at stake. The FBI knows that Apple already has the key. The iPhone does have software lockouts, and the security of those lockouts is entirely up to Apple. Apple’s signing key gives the company wide power over the software-level protections built in to iOS. The FBI knows this, and that is why it’s demanding the company’s assistance.

        Apple already knows this too, but to publicly be seen “decrypting” an iphone is bad for business, which is what this is all about. Sure Apple, and Google, and Microsoft, and anyone else that can sign updates to your device can easily and trivially spy on you, grab keys to decrypt whatever you have, and etc.

        That’s not the point, the point is no one thinks about that, until that is a huge public deal like this case has become crops up. Then, if Apple gives in, people will here about it (from news sites like this) and will suddenly not trust Apple, causing them to lose business. Never mind that everyone else can do the same thing, people won’t know that though, because if they did they wouldn’t have their boxers in a wad and be surprised by this either.

        No doubt I will get a lot of knee-jerk downvotes, but this isn’t about the world as we want it to be. It’s about the world as it is. Unless Apple can argue successfully that they cannot accomplish this without undermining the security of all iPhones, then expect that they will be compelled to do this. And yes, it will be the wedge that then compels them to do this for pretty much any iPhone with a valid warrant. And then the myth that your data was safe during this brief period (it wasn’t) will crumble.

        The U.S. government’s lawyers will make the case just as forcefully if not more so, and they will likely win. My personal desire is that Apple prevails here. But I’m starting to think that may not be legally reasonable. We’ll see.

        I seem to remember Apple’s pitch regarding info security being something to the effect of “we couldn’t even get your data off if we wanted to, they can’t make us…only you have the keys.” Maybe I’m wrong. But now it becomes clear that this wasn’t ever actually the case, which of course it wasn’t. If Apple wanted to get the data off, they could, because they control the hardware and the OS. The only question left, then, is can the government make them do so. You’re being a bit naive if you bet on “no.”

        • Reality Check: McAfee Claims FBI wants to end all encryption not just hack 1 iPhone

          Another video by Ben Swann that Jenna needs to watch and learn from.

          BTW: Where in the world did Jenna derive her apparent conviction that the US government, or any branch of the US Government or branch of law enforcement – can be ‘trusted’?

          A common characteristic of a liberal is a misplaced and extremely baseless, almost child-like, blind trust of Big government.

          • Tucker, I cannot see any evidence of Jenna believing that the government or LE can be trusted. In fact I see the opposite. You’ve been doing good lately, but on this you’re coming across as an asshole, you may want to tone down the personal attacks a bit.

            Jenna merely stated concerns of National Security. She is correct that Apple is mainly concerned about profits. She is also correct that the FBI most likely has already pulled the info off of the ragheads’ phone. And in both cases the claims of keeping private citizens information private, is whitewash. Neither party really gives a shit about the general public or what we think, all we are is a source of income.

            Apple will fight because they don’t want to be known as the ones who become known for spreading cheeks for the government by becoming the first to build a backdoor into their products, then handing it over to the government. Customer privacy is is just a really convenient banner to rally behind.

            The FBI will fight because they want access to everything, and they will swear up and down that our secrets are safe with them…until such time as they determine that we are guilty of whatever they can find in that private information. National Security is just a really convenient banner to rally behind.

            This isn’t over access to one solitary iPhone, it’s over access to every single iPhone out there.

          • Sorry, we are fresh out of Liberals at my house.

            And clearly, where in the world does a female have the apparent ability to have an intelligent and compelling thought on such a matter that is different from the opinions of the Superior Being that calls himself Tucker?

            As for the continuing battle between Apple and the FBI:
            I do believe four things are going to happen here:

            1. Apple will be forced to supply a modified firmware that has been signed for this particular device to allow it to be installed in DFU mode. The only legal argument they can make is that it’s unduly burdensome. I don’t see them winning that argument on the merits.

            2. The FBI is going to attempt to brute force the modified device. The amount of time this might take depends entirely on the passcode itself. It’s possible the passcode is never discovered in our lifetime.

            3. Apple will ultimately engineer it so that future devices do not allow this approach to work around the passcode process.

            4. Many of us will ensure that we are using more complex passcodes to make them pretty much infinitely harder to brute force.

  9. I’m with Apple on this one. This master key crap goes all the way back to the 90s and the monster bitch from hell Gorelick. I shake just typing that bitch’s name. The FBI has what they need. So the guy ordered some goat cheese pizza from Al-murder-infidel on Sepulvada to celebrate killing some filthy Jews and other infidels. This is one of those issues that we have no clue what is actually behind it. In that case I’m against giving up even one more perceived liberty to this corrupt regime. And by the way. They aren’t called famous but incompetent by smart people for no reason. Heck yeah they can tell you after the fact what happened. Who the hell couldn’t with unlimited resources and no fear of failure because there is no accountability. Ask Richard Jewell. Oh wait his life was ruined and now he’s dead. But who cares he was fat and white and looked kinda hillbilly. OK then ask …I better stop. I actually admired the old FBI …this modern group, not so much. Ask yourself, do you feel any safer? I sure dont. These are just opinions of one old dude and who knows I could be mis-informed.

  10. absolutely not…….do not give the FBI or any federal agency like the NSA any info on this phone if they can’t break the code themselves…….I have to agree with Apple on this one……already the FBI has said it has 14 other cases as well it wants Apple to break into and release phone records……it’s not just this phone…’s every god damn phone in the country……the FBI is not stopping with this case….they want “Carte Blanche” access to anyone’s phone now……the feds want access to everyone’s phone and will drag you through the courts to get that access…..and they intend on getting their way through complicit judges that will act against our best interests and in favor of the government………..

    the fed’s can not be trusted…..they abuse every federal power they are given……again, the fed’s can not be trusted….trusting the fed’s is like trusting a viper not to bite you……they have proven they can’t be trusted……..if we give them access the fed’s will want access to everything and they will get what they want through complicit courts…..there be no more privacy in this country……I’m well aware of what these Muzzie sons-a-bitches have done…..and we can’t trust any Muzzies but so also it’s true we can’t trust the federal government…….

    don’t give them shit…..don’t give the fed’s shit…….as a matter of fact we should take some of their powers away from them……and restrict them from their abuses of our freedoms even if it means one of these Muzzie bastards gets away…….I say we don’t give away our freedoms for security……..

    it’s just like guns…..just because some psycho son-of-a-bitch goes on some murderous rampage I am not giving up my guns for safety and security because Obongo says I will be safer if I give up my guns…….I say no to these federal monsters……their appetite for control is intruding into our daily lives and it’s time to put them in their place….under the thumb and control of the American people…….

  11. The way I see it is that the government already has all the transmissions and receptions from EVERYONE’S cell phones, courtesy of the NSA and that little data storage/gathering center in NM. All they need to do is go through the info.

    Plus, if the FBI isn’t smart enough to crack one phone, well….not really something to brag about. I suspect that what they really want is for Apple to either build in a backdoor in future models, or come up with software to get into existing phones, so that they can have an easier time invading everyone’s privacy.

    • This is “may I search your vehicle,” writ large. Once you agree to that you’ve given up your rights to privacy. Can’t you see that? If you want to search my car get a warrant. If you want to unlock a phone from dead sudden jihad syndrome sub-humans, get a court to order Apple. Why should Apple willingly give up their proprietary technology, answer requests every day from police agencies all over the world for the next two years, and all for what? Will it stop one crime? My opinion is heck no. Do you honestly think a murdering jihadist gives a crap what’s on their company’s Iphone. Anything this guy and that spooky piece of shi! wife of his with the arrogant smirk; may they rot in hell, did was in person or on burners. The fee bees know that. Can you say red herring?

  12. Tim Cook is looking out for number one, that is, the American public. This attack on Apple is Obama’s DOJ making hay from Obama’s policy of letting in as many Islamics as he can to kill Americans. What Obama is doing is putting as many Third-worlders as he can amongst us to sow non-stop chaos and suspicion in America. Does anyone REALLY think that Obama is going to find much useful information in that phone? No, his purpose it to use it as the proverbial “nose-in-the-tent” to allow US “Law Enforcement” to go sniffing around anywhere they want. They say Apple is doing this for business reasons. What happens when the Federeles WIN in court? Rush Limbaugh said the Feds never looses these cases. If Apple looses, then expect ALL governments to demand that ALL phones be opened to government probes. The cries of any American government against this would be seen as the hypocrisy that it is. Obama the Totalitarian vs. Foreign Big Brother would be the biggest joke ever. The German government is already downloading Trojan Horse software to people’s phones ( ) in order to track them. Every American concerned with their civil liberties needs to FIGHT this. Remember, this is the same FBI that in the 1960s conducted dirty tricks against Martin Luther King.

    Everything law enforcement asks for should be viewed as an attack on YOU. The ATF flunkies in Chicago are always demanding MORE gun control. Remember, the government is supposed to be under OUR control; who are THEY to demand that we give up something we cherish to make THEM happy? Write the White House, the US House, the US Senate: it’s something that affects you as much as the next cosmopolitan gun control law.

  13. Midwest Constitutionalist

    Bluto u hit it on the nail

  14. Independent Accountant

    I have never posted at AWD before. That said, I agree with Tucker. Give the Moslem infested FBI nothing. It will take the FBI all of two hours to give the encryption data to the Moslem Brotherhood.


    “RUSH: Well, now, that is the last thing you said there, the way you structured that is actually quite fascinating. But before we get to that, the FBI, if you were to ask them, would say, “Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. We want one specific thing. We want Apple to give us a mechanism that would allow us to keep trying to pass codes until we get the right one.” But your question, “Okay, what are they gonna do once they get it?” I mean, everything in that terrorist’s life might be on that phone, including medical records, including conversations with lawyers; we don’t know. And, furthermore, let me tell you what this is really, really, really, really, really all about. What’s on that phone, since it’s an iPhone, a lot of the stuff’s encrypted. The FBI can’t read it anyway. They’ll be able to read one half some of the stuff.

    “What this is really about is, and this goes back to 1992 when this computer stuff started hitting. I think what the FBI really wants is to eliminate a whole lot of encryption on these devices. I think that’s the actual endgame. And this little fight here is just one step in that direction. But, yeah, it’s a great question. Okay, they get into the phone, well, where can they not go on the phone? They need to find out what this guy was doing and with who, if there are any other terrorists involved, any other future attacks. They need access to everything on that phone, right? That’s your point.

    “RUSH: Well, I don’t know if people want to — yeah, okay. It does, like I said earlier in the week, the real simple way to understand this is, despite everybody’s fears that the NSA and the FBI are following you and tracking you and know what you’re saying, apparently not, they can’t crack these little iPhones. They can’t crack ’em. They need assistance to get in. So the question everybody has is, how much security do you want? How much privacy do you want? ‘Cause it isn’t just about this phone. It can’t be.

    “Once they manufacture, once Apple manufactures a way — I mean, the operating system is the same on every phone. If they create a back door for this phone they’ve created a backdoor for every phone that they’ve got an operating system on. So I think these are important questions. And what the FBI’s relying on for the life of this country — you know, law enforcement always gets the benefit of the doubt.

    “They benefit from the fact that most people think that law enforcement wouldn’t go after people that are not guilty. They just wouldn’t do it. That’s why they think that everybody arrested is guilty, everybody that’s charged is guilty, everybody that’s under suspicion is guilty. It’s automatically assumed because law enforcement wouldn’t waste their time. It’s one industry that’s thought of as clean and pure as the wind-driven snow until you have been…

  16. I do not give a tinker’s da*n for Apple nor for Tom Cook (the little pervert) but I can see Apple’s point. Their point is about product secrecy and integrity more than it is about keeping things private for their users. Apple has patented secret processes, linking paths, and other things that they want to keep from the opposition phone makers. Apple has 6 other cases besides this latest one that they are fighting the police and FBI on in reference to back door or front door access to phone information releasing phone user secrets. I believe like everyone else that Apple could get the information themselves and pass it onto the FBI but then their techies would be on the witness stand explaining how they did it to some crooked defense lawyer for the world to hear. Apple could give information to the FBI on how to enter these phones to retrieve what they need but then do you trust the government?? Everyone knows that every secret the government tries to keep goes to the Chinese and others eventually because of traitors. Our record on keeping any secret especially ones on science and technical advances isn’t worth anything. The government loses secrets like a sieve. Apple knows that if they give the government information on how to retrieve secrets from their phones and how they are made to keep secrets someone else will certainly hear about it eventually and start reverse engineering their phones and making phones just like theirs. So the truth is Apple is afraid their secret plans to make their phones will be pirated from a government no one can trust. That is a sad commentary on the Obama regime. In regards to the question of whether Cook would give more help to the government if it were to benefit the apprehension of people who killed a handful of homos; the answer to that is’ yes’. Homosexuals will do anything include losing money to protect their sickening lifestyle and perversion.

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