So Apple CEO Tim Cook is refusing to hack the San Bernardino Muslim murderer’s iPhone for the FBI on First Amendment grounds. Here’s what’s reported:

CEO Tim Cook on Monday urged the US government to drop its demands for his company to create a backdoor into an iPhone tied to a terrorist attack. Apple contends that such a breach of security could not be contained and would expose countless iPhone users to unreasonable risks.

Instead, Cook said in an email to employees Monday, he wants Congress to form a commission to “discuss the implications for law enforcement, national security, privacy and personal freedoms.”

I can’t help but wonder if the politically correct leftist CEO Cook would refuse the FBI’s request if the shooter had been a white conservative? (Note: much to the dismay of politically correct leftists and the Mainstream Propaganda Media, mass murderers are never conservatives.) Or what if the shooter hated gay people and murdered 14 gay people in San Bernardino? Cook is a very vocal homosexual. Would he make such a principled stand if it directly affected him or his lifestyle?

AWD isn’t really sure where I stand on this issue as I believe strongly in privacy. But this also was a Muslim terrorist immigrant from a Middle East country who murdered 14 Americans on US soil.

Or perhaps this would be a moot point if the marxist State of California would have allowed the 14 victims to carry guns to protect themselves. Liberals are hardly consistent in their actions and views so it’s difficult to know what Tim Cook would do if the shooter didn’t belong to one of the left’s preferred groups.

And is it just me but what the hell took the FBI this long to request help hacking the terrorist’s phone?! I would think they would have been tearing that bad boy apart before the gun barrels cooled.

You’ll also notice that AWD reported a few weeks back that a source told me he heard from a cop buddy there were three shooters in the San Bernardino murders. This week it’s been reported law enforcement is revealing there was a third shooter.

There’s some freaky sh*t going on in this case! Unfortunately, all the malfeasance will probably lead to more jihad attacks in America.

What’s your opinion on these questions?


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