The Koran burning in Afghanistan has predictably gotten the savages in Afghanistan worked up into a big ol’ tizzy! At least they have something new to get all tizzied (or wee-wee’d if you used ObamaSpeak) up over since someone drew a cartoon of Muhammad (may the Mossad be all over his ass) or somebody else committed some other imagined slight. Doesn’t take much to get those camel-humpers riled up. And they have lots of time to riot and murder. It’s not like they have jobs to go to or anything. But it has Obama and his wussypanted Generals bending over and holding their ankles for the Taliban. Amazing how people like Obama and his girly-men Generals can control the strongest military in the world! But not for too much longer!

This video has been going around the inter web net the past day or so. You’ll want to watch this if you haven’t seen it. I have to tell you I was a little shocked that the apologist is one of the 4% that doesn’t support Hussein! Refreshing!

So AWD thought to himself, “AWD, you big sexy beast, you need to allow the dudes and dudettes to express their sorrow to the Afghan and Muslim peoples of the world over the burning of the Koran and anything else they feel guilty over in reference to the religion of pieces.

Allow AWD to lead off.

Dear Muslim savages in Afghanistan:

I’m sorry you felt it was necessary to kill several people because an American soldier burned the Koran. You know, you people burn Bibles…hell, you burn Christians!…, churches, etc every day in your sorry hellholes. It’s telling how you don’t find any problem with that. But let someone burn your Koran and off you go rioting, killing and showing that you indeed are savages that have no place dealing with civilized people of the Earth.

You rape, strap bombs onto, decapitate and murder children because of some perceived slight against the Taliban or your murderous religion. You do the same to women. You do the same to men. You do worse to people who do not accept your brutal cult of death called Islam. If I knew nothing more about Islam than 9/11, I would judge you unworthy to draw your next breath. What I have learned about your animalistic culture since makes me hate you even worse.

I regret George Bush ever sending the first soldier to your cesspool of a country. I mourn the thousands of American lives lost on you savages. Lives, unlike yours, that would have gone on to do good in the world. I hate we have spent money we don’t have building power stations, buildings, schools, hospitals for you savages. Most, if they already haven’t, will be destroyed the day our soldiers are pulled out.

I do thank you for one thing. Afghanistan has shown the lunacy of trying to civilize brutes. Never again will Americans be led into believing Muslims can interact with civilized people. But don’t confuse the will of the American people with the feckless losers infecting the White House and the Pentagon. There will be a great purge very soon and these embarrassments will no longer be in positions to embarrass America with their apologies to savage animals like yourself. We will deal you in a much more direct and effective way from here on.

So, if you savages in Afghanistan can find an apology there about the burning of your ridiculous Koran, please find some measure of comfort. But if you’re stupid enough to believe that I give one rat’s ass about you, your religion, your “culture” or anything else Muslim, let me make it a little more clear. F*** you and the goat you rode in on! There, I feel much better now!

Please feel free to add you own personal apology to the people in Afghanistan and the Muslim world over the burning of the Koran. I think it’s time the Muslim world understands how real Americans feel about them!


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