What is losering, you might ask? Losering is a series of continuous actions committed by losers that guarantee to keep them losers. Losering.

Now that the wussypants Republicans have gotten spanked like a red-headed mule, look for the RINO elites running the joint to start calling for changes in the party. Of course, they will go 180 degrees opposite the direction they should go. Wussypants Repubs couldn’t find their asses with four hands.

So what will the wussyboys do? Just what they always do….listen to Democrats telling them what to do. And what is not in vogue with Dims these days? Old, white men! It’s very trendy in socialist, PC circles to criticize old, white men these days. Because, as we all know, white men are the root of all evil. So look for Repubs to fall into the trap of pandering to everyone except evil white men.

Instead of ignoring calls from morons like fat, RINO bastid Karl Rove to kiss the asses of certain groups for their votes, Republicans listen to the same suicidal advice time after time. Instead of laying out clear, fiscally conservative plans that motivate voters, Repubs pander. Rove and his RINO BS got the Republicans killed in 2008. The Tea Party kicked ass with conservative newcomers in 2010. So what do the wussypants RINOs do in 2012? Give us the guy who was the model for ObamaCare. Would Romney have been better than Obama? Undoubtedly. But he was unable to motivate enough voters to vote for his ideas rather than voting against his opponent. Conservatives never truly embraced Romney because they understood he believes in government a little too much for our liking.

Republicans run their party like America now fights wars. Instead of kicking asses and blowing up things, we now try to win the hearts and minds of savages that have neither hearts nor minds. Why not just annihilate them and be done with it? Hell, we can’t even say we want to kill our enemies anymore. We must “bring them to justice.” I guess that means send them to Gitmo to play soccer on the new $5 million field until Hussein decides to release them back to their jihad buddies to kill more Americans.

Wussypants Repubs try to convert moderates and independents by running moderates and independents while ignoring the sizable percentage of the party that holds fiscally conservative values. Did you see anyone speak from the Tea Party at the RNC Convention? Me neither. But the ‘Round Mound of Obama Ass-Kissing Sound’ Chris Christie gave one of the most boring, self-indulgent speeches in the long, pathetic history of RINO boring, self-indulgent speeches.

Romney NEVER embraced conservatives in the party. He never supported the Tea Party movement. He didn’t even try. He assumed we would support him. Instead, the Republican primary stretched out for months because he couldn’t close the deal with conservative delegates. This cost him time and money while he waited for the rise and fall of Perry, Gingrich, Cain, and Santorum. Instead of shoring up conservative support, Romney spent his time trying to win over independents while giving the finger to our side.

AWD met with one of Romney’s top campaign people in Charleston earlier in the spring in the heat of the primary battle. I told him Romney was making a mistake by not admitting RomneyCare in Massachusetts was a huge mistake (which it was) with conservatives. The guy gave me a snotty look and answered that I really didn’t know what I was talking about. Well, now I’m talking about four more years of Hussein because 3 million conservatives decided not to show up to vote for the author of ObamaCare!

Here’s the deal. When Republicans run true fiscal conservatives with concrete ideas, they win. When they run squishy independents, they lose. This is not hard…unless you’re a RINO elite.

So look for all the Republican so-called experts flapping their pie-holes all over TV how the Republicans need to embrace Hispanics, Blacks, independents, Martians and anyone else that they believe might one day vote for them. They never will understand it is ideas that win elections…not pandering to sub-groups. Pandering to groups is what Dims do. But the RINO elite in the Republican Party are really Dim-Lites so they listen to their opponents (“good friends on the other side of the aisle) tell them to do exactly what they should not do.

43 million Americans identify with the Tea Party movement’s principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets. The Republican leadership is not among that number. That’s a huge number to ignore. AWD has often said the only people that hate the Tea Party more than Democrats are Republicans. And I know I’m right.

AWD would rather light a candle for the GOP than curse its darkness. This article is intended to do just that. But this goes further than stupidity. The real truth why Republicans continue to get their weak little asses handed to them is because they have abandoned fiscal conservative principles. The GOP is currently the party of Tip O’Neill. John Boehner as Speaker of the House? Puh-leeeze!

Until Republicans can once again become the party of Reagan, they will continue losering. It’s that simple.


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