California and Nueva Jork just put another nail in their rotting, socialist coffins when their socialist governors signed into law a $15 minimum wage. Those doors you hear slamming are the remaining businesses who will no longer be able to afford doing business in those socialist disaster zones. The zips you hear are suitcases being packed with socks and sandals from New York and holistic, gluten-free seaweed from California.

Where will all the refugees from Mexifornia and Nueva Jork go? Texas! What a shame. And the Lone Star state was such a great place to live!

The last time AWD saw Texas congressman Louis Gohmert, I told him to not worry so much about a border wall on the Rio Grande. Rather, build one on the Red River to keep out those Blue State rats fleeing their socialist gulags. Sure, those Blue Staters will love the low cost of living, no state income tax, and living around people who have an ounce of sense. But they will come here and vote for Democrats the way they did in their hell-hole states. They always do.

The problem with Blue Staters is they believe government is the answer to everything. Hence, a $15 ‘living wage.’ Well hell, if $15 allows an unskilled worker to live, $30 would allow them to really live! That is, until there are no more jobs for them once business owners shut their doors or replace their costly labor with automation. But that won’t stop Blue States from increasing the ‘living wage’ to a ‘better living wage!’ Watch and see.

The problem with Democrat-dominated Blue States is none of the elected officials understand economics. They were most likely protesting a war or some evil corporation the day they taught economics at their libtarded university. Or munching on gluten-free seaweed listening to The @#&* Smiths on their boom boxes!

Minimum wage entry level jobs were intended to be just that. Entry level jobs. Working at McDonalds or scrubbing dishes at a restaurant are not supposed to be life-time career achievements. They are a starting place where one can learn working skills and gain experience while planning to move up the ladder to a better paying job. Or getting an education in a major that will result in a job. But, as Seattle minimum wagers are experiencing, those artificial, over-priced living wage jobs forced by government aren’t there once business owners find they can’t make money anymore. Oops! But my professor said living wages are the answer!! Pass the seaweed!

Toyota and State Farm are relocating their headquarters from Blue States to North Dallas. Thousands and thousands of jobs coming here. The reason? The cheap cost of living and the great schools. Predictably, home prices in Dallas are skyrocketing. This will be good for the Texas economy. For a while. Until all those Californians and New Yorkers begin voting. Ask Colorado and North Carolina how the invasion of Blue Staters worked for those previously conservative states! Not too good! Both previously red states are now purple.

A true story. AWD and a buddy were enjoying us a ‘drank’ at an outdoor patio last summer when a couple asked if they could share our table. We said, “of course” as the place was very crowded. The couple told us they had moved from San Diego six months ago and looovvved Texas! We asked why they left California? They replied the schools were awful and crowded, taxes were insane and it was very antibusiness compared to Texas. I asked them if they were Republicans or Democrats? They said, “oh, we vote for both.” My buddy knew what was coming. AWD said, “listen, if you vote for Democrats, go back to California. Nobody asked you to come here nor do we need you. Texas Democrats are just as insane as California Democrats. We Texans like our state the way it is. Just as you do. But if you bring your Democrat votes here, we’ll soon be just like California.” I told them I didn’t mean to be rude but I love Texas because it is one of the last places in America where we still enjoy limited government and have individual rights. The couple said they weren’t offended and said they saw my point. Of course, they were a few inches from a AWD verbal beat down if they disagreed so they would have probably admitted anything. They probably accurately surmised I was packing my good buddy Gunter the Glock.

But I’m right. Californians are different. Strange, if you will. They are taught there are only gray areas where Southerners are raised believing in right and wrong. Californians say, “Well, he sleeps with Collies but, hey, that’s his thing and I have no problem with it if the dogs aren’t hurt.” Southerners will say, “the guy’s a pervert and needs to go to jail!” Especially if it’s a hunting dog!

So I don’t like it when I hear another Californian or New York company is moving it’s workforce here. They are not like us! That being said, I believe a good many people who choose to relocate here of their own volition from Blue State cesspools choose to escape living behind enemy lines. We have no problem with them. They are welcome as long as they act like they have some sense. But we don’t like passing those Volvos with California plates with ‘Feel The Bern’ bumperstickers. I’d rather have illegal aliens.

Don’t believe me? Ask any Texan from Austin how the whole personality of Austin has changed now that the Californians have invaded over the past decade? Austin has always been liberal and strange but they were still Texans and you could have a decent conversation with them. Now the town is crowded, overpriced, and rude! I don’t even like going to Austin anymore. And it’s full up to the gills with Californians.

Here’s a graph of migration to Travis County (Austin). The black lines are people moving to Texas. The red are Texans moving from Austin:


Blue States can only give away the money of producers so long until there are no more producers. Just look to liberal cities like Detroit or Chicago as a microcosm of their states. Blue States can’t pay their bills and live under tremendous deficits because of liberal politicians in bed for generations with public employee and school unions. They have kicked the fiscal can down the road so far that they are at the edge of the cliff. When retired lifeguards have $100,000/yr pensions for life, you know your state is screwed.

The biggest mistake Richard Nixon made was bringing China out of the Stone Age. We now see the dangerous and costly results. The biggest mistake Rick Perry made was recruiting California businesses and bringing them to Texas, generally with huge tax breaks unavailable to Texas companies. Of course, Perry is a Democrat at heart. This will not end well.

I’m sure this post will rile up conservatives in New York and California. I’m not talking about you moving here. We welcome you. It’s not your fault you were born into socialism. At least you have the good sense to flee. AWD is not originally from Texas but, as we say down here, I got here as fast as I could. But your leftist neighbors can stay the hell out of here! Remember, you’re leaving the Blue States because they suck. Don’t make Texas suck! We have enough Democrat idjits here as it is!


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