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What the @#&*? What the hell is Trump doing??? Does he want WWIII?

America has launched 59 Tomahawk missiles against Syria! I thought Trump was going to get us out of stupid wars! It appears he’s allowed his neocon Generals to talk him into WWIII!

This attack is in retaliation of Syria’s President Assad using chemical weapons against civilians. It’s doubtful Assad used chemical weapons. More likely, it is the ISIS rebels who used the chemicals in a false flag attack.

Syria is backed by Russia. Who is backed by China. Is Trump prepared to start a war with those two countries over Syria? Really??

What significance is Syria to America? Who gives a @#&* about Syrians?

It appears the neocon globalists have gotten to President Trump. This could turn bad real soon. I’m talking REAL bad real soon if America’s enemies decide to take America on.

I believe this is a huge mistake by Trump!




  1. Nick Digger

    Quid pro quo for McLame & Grahamnesty voting to kill the SCOTUS filibuster?

  2. I personally don’t give a shit about Syrians being gassed. It’s not our problem, if the Syrian people don’t like it, then they can rise up and replace their government by violent means. It’s none of our business, we need to stop being the goddamn world police and let these nations stick up for themselves.

  3. Trump’s been trumped. Kusher and the Neocons have successfully sidelined Bannon (who got him into the White House) and have now got Trump’s ear. Unless Bannon can rally and get these treasonous, warmongering scum out of Trump’s head, we’re lost.

  4. So much for draining the swamp. Trump likely lost 50% of his voters tonight. The MIC gets to build another 60 plus million dollars worth of cruise missle and Trump lives to tweet another day.

    We are in for some hard times ahead.

  5. Same old story, but no one ever learns: (1) Don’t get trapped into drawing “red lines” that will inevitably be crossed, because then you either have to show that you back up your words with strength or look like an impotent fool (e.g., Carter & Obama); (2) Don’t get into any war in the Middle East – – that’s what our proxy, Israel is PAID to do on our behalf (and they’re really good at it); (3) The carrot can be more effective (and much less expensive) than the stick – – but only if the stick is a credible threat.

  6. OK EVERYBODY TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND OPEN A COLD BEER. A missile strike like this isn’t WW3. I personally don’t give a s#!t how many Syrians die or by what manner. But maybe , just maybe , this is a subtle message to our enemies that the old Obama era empty talk is over. Strength is a deterrent to war. Peace is kept by being prepared for war. Our friends and foes have started to view us as weak and impotent. If we hope to be isolationist and nationalist we have to make sure the world knows that we are still the baddest @$$ nation on earth. That my friends will ensure our tranquility. Peace through strength is like owning firearms for self defense. You hope you don’t have to use them , but you must be willing and the enemy must know it. What we tolerate we encourage.

  7. Quartierleblanc

    Agree Coach. Trump really had to show Putin he means business. It will also hasten the ramp up of the military and repair the damage of the last 8 years. It was also a test. Money says older “block” missiles were fired and the Russians couldn’t stop them. Using gas was really over the line. However, the long term goal should be getting out of the mideast and developing our own energy independence.

  8. bluecollar

    “A few things to remember about Syria.
    1. I don’t have a dog in this fight. No normal American does.
    On one side are Sunni Jihadis backed by the Saudis, Turkey, etc. On the other side are Shiite Jihadis backed by Iran, etc. Both sides hate America and want us dead. They’re fighting among themselves over who gets to go first. 
    2. The strikes are narrow and not a big deal. Despite all the hype. Bill Clinton used to do this sort of thing as a warning to Saddam all the time. That’s all this was.
    It was also a warning to China and North Korea. The message is the Obama free ride is over.
    3. This story isn’t really worth all the attention it’s getting. Much of this is just the media having a nervous breakdown over anything to do with Trump. Followed by conspiracy theories from sectors a little too friendly with Russia. Just like back in the Cold War, people seemed credible until Russian interests were touched.
    Take a step back. Look at it objectively. This is not a big deal.
    It’s President Trump sending a message we should be taking seriously. The hysteria is coming from bad people with bad agendas who are really hostile to Trump and America.
    Enough said.”


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