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With the latest ghetto freak show taking place in Baltimore, AWD remembered this post from a few months back. What is the goal of black “leaders”? Other than lining their pockets with redistributed dollars, it is placing the ghetto black community on sacred ground. A place where blacks cannot be criticized or held to blame for any reason. So far, there are only two other groups that enjoy that special politically correct privilege. Homosexuals and Muslims.

This post was written before Baltimore. But we see the same motives, actions and characteristics as we saw in Ferguson. Thoughts?

Black Americans have long enjoyed protection from criticism for negative behavior by the umbrella of political correctness. Now the paradigm is shifting. Black leaders and white liberals are pushing that black Americans can commit virtually any action without consequence or comment. Furthermore, they seek to set the standard where blacks are given inclusion, credit or recognition where such is not warranted.

Witness Al $harpton, the leader of all black people, and his new campaign with Hollywood to include black candidates in Academy Awards even when the Academy deems their work unworthy. Sharpton recently was upset because no black actors were nominated for best or supporting actors from Oprah Winfrey’s movie ‘Selma’ and has threatened “action.” (Note: the film ‘Selma’ is on course to gross $17.37) $harpton said:

“The movie industry is like the Rocky Mountains. The higher you get, the whiter it gets. … I have called an emergency meeting early next week in Hollywood with the task force to discuss possible action around the Academy Awards.”

Winfrey’s movie was nominated for Best Film but that doesn’t suffice in the New Black Paradigm. In Sharpton and liberal white thought (an oxymoron if there ever was one), any award that doesn’t include black nominees must be racist.

But Oprah and other black actors have won Academy Awards in the past in numerous categories. Oprah won an Academy Award as best supporting actress in the movie “The Colored People.” That doesn’t matter in the New Black Paradigm. Sharpton seeks that a token black or blacks are included in the voting even when they do not qualify. A pseudo-Affirmative Action for Hollywood.

And how ironic Sharpton chooses Hollywood to attack. Hollywood has been run by politically correct leftists for generations and is among the most putrid of disciples of political correctness. Live by the PC sword, die by it.

Sharpton will not address black dominated institutions like professional sports or prison nor seek diversity in those arenas.

The recent Ferguson riots also show how black thugs and the white liberals funding them seek a new paradigm where black criminals who attack policemen cannot be attacked in return by the police. In the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, both would be alive today if they had only obeyed the commands from police. Instead they resisted arrest. In Mike Brown’s case, he attacked a cop. Both are dead. What outcome did Mike Brown expect when he punched a cop, attempted to take his gun, and later charged him? In his words, he told the cop that he was “too much a p*ssy” to shoot. Political correctness taught Michael Brown this bad lesson. And he died believing it.

AWD taught his children from an early age to respect the authority of the police. Never act in an aggressive manner. Never talk back. There are ways to get justice if the police are over-aggressive. Attacking them or resisting arrest are not successful methods. Attack a cop and you’re going to lose 99.9% of the time.

We now see relatives of black criminals criticize homeowners for shooting their “goot boys who ain’t never done nuffin’ wrong” when breaking into their homes. In every case, relatives will describe how the “aspiring rapper” was trying to turn his life around. Question: why does a “goot boy who ain’t never done nuffin’ wrong” need to turn his life around? How ridiculous is this? As ridiculous as the poisonous mindset of political correctness.

Young blacks learn at an early age that they can commit any crime and expect to not receive criticism. Any criticism by whites is immediately labeled as racism. But, until now, they have not been able to circumvent nor espcape the law of consequences, which is:

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

This mindset of zero culpability is very much what we see from PC leftists in dealing with radical Islam. We can’t blame Islam even though 100% of the terrorists have killed in the name of Allah and Muhammad spouting hateful verses from the Koran. It’s because white leftist believe Muslims are incapable of civilized behavior. In this, I generally agree. But leftists, along with Muslims, seek to stifle our First Amendment right to voice our outrage at their daily atrocities. It’s the same methodology adopted by Al Sharpton.

Two of the biggest anti-white voices in America, Barack Obama and Eric Holder, weighed in heavily in the Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown cases. They supported both young, black thugs. Yet their hypocrisy is fully evident when they, black leaders, and the mainstream propaganda media totally ignore the massive black on white crime that permeates America.

Here’s a TV news report of 7 murders that occurred in a 24 hour period in St Louis last week:

Guess the color of every murder suspect? And you’ll hear no word from Sharpton, Obama or Holder about the 50 year old white hotel manager that was murdered.

Just as peaceful moderates must stand up and reject radical terrorists who share their religion, law-abiding black people must reject the violent in their community. When black males between the ages of 18 and 49 commit more than 50% of violent crimes and murder in America, there is much to criticize.

I’m waiting.



  1. Rebelpatriot

    Hey AWD. You already know that answer. The murder of whites by black thugs is acceptable and taken in stride by so called black leaders and the white liberal establishment. Good post though. Appreciate your thoughts.

  2. Mr. Rational

    When I saw the title in the RSS feed I was sure I was going to see RSNYC as the byline.  Imagine my surprise!

    The Black and Lie-beral establishments don’t mind Black-on-anything crime because Black criminals are useful tools.  They’re easily-replaced cannon fodder and can be directed at just about any target the establishment desires by withdrawing police protection.  They can be used to cow the non-Black middle class into submission by terrifying them of the consequences of protecting themselves against criminals (Goetz, Zimmerman).  This is anarcho-tyranny in action.  The Blacks themselves don’t have the intelligence to make anything of or for themselves, so they remain as mercenaries of the establishment.

    Black-on-black crime is the price the Black “community” pays to maintain this mercenary army.  Without it, there would be no threat to direct outwards.

  3. I’m sure there are blacks who are embarrassed by the conduct of their own people. It has to be hard for those who possess a greater intelligence than the average low-IQ hood-dweller to constantly witness such dysfunction.

    None of this, unfortunately, seems to prompt the more intelligent-minded blacks to rise up and call their people to account. Those few voices that have tried have almost always been silenced by the greater majority who are content to bathe in their bottom-feeder culture.

    • Mr. Rational

      The criminals are the source of the bulk of their power.  White people aren’t taken seriously because they won’t do what’s required to force the hostile elites to appease them.

      • Generically speaking…………… Take away all the rhetoric, all the chaff. No more talking around the undeniable facts. No more playing the role of the average garden variety, defeated, beaten, pathetic cowardly American and not speaking the cold, blunt truth…………

        As I have said repeatedly over many years, this is 100% about one thing and one thing only………. The negrofication of America.

        Once again via this open lynching on the part of the negro America is witness to America on the negro. This is what America comes down to when controlled by a bunch of inhuman savages who have always been inhuman savages and will always be inhuman savages, I mean negroes. This IS America on the negro, period.

  4. Blacks can kill blacks. Blacks can kill whites. Whites can kill whites. Pretty much anyone can kill with nary a peep from the MSM or Sharpton and Jackson.

    But if a white kills a black dude…. Well, you know.

    As a homeowner, I hope and pray to NEVER be in this situation, but should it occur, I hope the first thought in my mind is what my father-in-law said:

    “Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six,” rather than, “Oh, shit, if I fire they’re going to crucify me!”

  5. AWD,
    Once again a spot-on post ..well said on all account…
    Dude as some of you regulars know my son did 3 tours in Iraq was a sniper at times and was wounded sufferes from brain trauma and deftness…..I mention this because i would like to see you place the following ass-wipe as libturd of the week ..(see link}
    people like him are why the thug blacks and con men like Sharpton get away with every thing ..
    thanks and once again great post..

    • jigg ole friend I know about your son and he is a Patriot and a Hero and you are a great father to him. Leftist are America hating scum that can only spew their hate because of the Freedom they have been given by people like you and your son who have served our Country proudly and I pray for you and your family. Michael Moore is nothing more than a piece of shit who will eventually explode at an all you can eat buffet. Thank you both for your service and God Bless you.

    • My friend, I hope and pray for your son. Mine got out last year, after two tours as well. Thank you to your son seems so insignificant, but is all I have to offer from the depths of my heart and soul. I love all my brothers and sisters who have, are or will serve.

  6. whole sale slaughter is going on in America’s cities that are dominated by Negroes…..Negroes killing Negroes in the streets……home invasions…..riotess behavior……flash mobs……attacking and beating elderly white people…….and blaming it on the white people……screaming that we whites are executing Negroes in the streets……yelling that we don’t give them any respect…….interrupting simple white people at a luncheonette with threatening behavior screaming that their miserable lives matter……..

    I say matters to whom…..not to me that’s for sure……I can’t see where any of their lives matter……since when does Negro lives matter……they sure as hell don’t matter to Negroes….their the ones who are killing the other Negroes that they scream at the top of their lungs about…’s not white people killing these Negroes….it’s other Negroes killing these Negroes…..literally by the thousands each year……yet the white people are being blamed and told that Negro lives matter……

    the truth is they don’t matter……they don’t matter to the Negro……so why should they matter to me if they don’t matter to themselves……..the way the Negro treats other Negroes is the example that the rest of society should follow…and that is that Negro lives “”do not matter””………the Negro kills other Negroes…….the proof is in the pudding….if their lives don’t matter to these street Negroes they won’t matter to any one else……….

    it appears as though the Negro just can’t cope with living in a civilized society……it’s just too many temptations for the Negro to handle……the Negro is more suited to the jungle where he doesn’t have to think……he just has to find the next banana tree for his dinner and watch out for snakes, hyenas, and lions…….the problem for the Negro is that today a civilized society presents a whole host of problems for the Negro in which he finds it far too difficult to cope with……..

    typical of the Negro is to blame his problems on anyone but himself…….and white people are handy and readily available to pass the blame to so he can absolve himself of any responsibility for his own predicament and station in life……..

  7. Here is an example of the well informed voters in America…that make people like Sharpton possible..

    God helps us we are so screwed..

  8. “inconvenient truth”

    An agenda can be identified by what is NOT being said. The names of Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Everett Dirksen and the many Republicans who fought for, and or/voted for the bill are never uttered. Neither is it mentioned that Republicans voted for the Civil Rights bill in far greater percentages than did Democrats, or that Democrats had a sufficient majority to pass it without a single Republican vote.
    As President of the Senate, Nixon witnessed Democrat Senator Strom Thurmond and his single-man filibuster to prohibit black voting rights…a filibuster which went on for 24 hours and 18 minutes straight on the Senate floor. Democrat Senator Robert Byrd filibustered for 18 hours.

    March 7, 1965: Police under the command of Democrat Governor George Wallace attack African-Americans demonstrating for voting rights in Selma, AL
    March 21, 1965: Republican federal judge Frank Johnson authorizes Martin Luther King’s protest march from Selma to Montgomery, overruling Democrat Governor George Wallace

  9. wish this gas bag would fill up and blow away racist bastid

  10. “Black Americans have long enjoyed protection from criticism for negative behavior by the umbrella of political correctness. Now the paradigm is shifting. Black leaders and white liberals are pushing that black Americans can commit virtually any action without consequence or comment. Furthermore, they seek to set the standard where blacks are given inclusion, credit or recognition where such is not warranted.”

    This is so thirty plus years ago…………………………

    For decades the darling negro do whatever they want with more than just just impunity, they do so with outright license – divine fiat bestowed upon them not just by themselves but, as well, the cudgel wielding liberal. No race upon the earth are so bereft of humanity, integrity, honesty, propriety. A species devoid of any conscience, a pariah through and through whom, like the cancer they are spread their disease wherever they go………………..

  11. Got to thinking the other day about national holidays… most honor someone who has passed away or like MLK, someone who has been assassinated. Soooooo, any chance we could have an All Sharpton day in the near future??? What say you?

    • I got a feeling that you don’t really like the Revrum Al Sharpturd……..I also think you just might be harbouring some resentment toward Revrum Al with your remarks here……..that you might be lacking some respect for the good revrum………..

      don’t you think that you should be a little more respectful on Martin Luther’s special day……….

  12. These “hands up” groups of phony lying bastards make me sick (Michale Brown “the gentle giant”-more bullshit)

    Here’s the Sickening Crime 4 Black Men Committed Against 2 White Women… Where’s the Media?

    (I wonder if these two women had their hands up? and how many victims of this massive out of control black crime problem had their hands up before being gunned down by thugs?)

    • “Hands up” in Chicago this weekend!

      “Hands up ” while 94% of all black homicides are committed by other blacks

      I got your hands up mother……….!

      You may have 2 seconds

  13. Spurwing Plover

    Sharptons nothing but a trouble maker and riot instigator he needs to lose his american citizenship him as well as Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton,Louis Farakhan, and the paerents of Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin

  14. I have a chronic case of Negro Fatique. I am beyond sick of the Negro’s entitlement mentality. Just tonight, while in the grocery line, a big black woman in front of me paid for her food with an EBT card. Her tattoos and Medusa hair-weave are what really irritated me, knowing that she has $ for those, but yet I have to effin’ feed her fat black ass with my tax dollars.

  15. Spurwing Plover

    I see a bunch of idiots(Fifty)held a big Die in for Mike Brown I mean what was it the said about stupid people in large numbers?

  16. AWD has written a remarkable article that few would write in the politically correct world. It is truth. Sharpton and the rest of the race baiters are out for publicity and to keep pressure on the civil rights world in hopes liberals in government will give them more power. They keep the pot stirring to keep up their street-cred. Sharpton types will always find ‘discrimination’ somewhere even if they have to manufacture it themselves. I am surprised Sharpton has not thrown a fit because all rice is white (on the plant anyway). These people are all part of a larger leftist push for more power. They are going to make the most trouble they can while they have a black president and a black A.G.. They know they can get away with it and even force more concessions from the government. I am tired of libtard blacks. I am tired of their crime. I am tired of their whining. I am tired of their hate. I am tired of MY government giving blacks more rights than anyone else. I am tired of their ways and their laziness. I am also tired of the US government. It is black 24/7. It is a bully. We will have to do something about this whole scenario regardless of the consequences.

  17. Ovomit’s entitlement presidency has dangerously exacerbated America’s Negro welfare dependency disaster. After eight years of free housing, food, cell phones, etc., the current generation of illegitimate blacks won’t have a clue about self-reliance and work.

    The black race, by and large, is a chained anvil around America’s neck.

  18. Saw Reverant Al Gibmoe Denaro Sharpton at Reagan National last week, i didnt realize that he was such a stick man, looked like bout 5ft. even, weight 80 lbs, i thought he was going to hurt himself trying to stick his nose in the air, i think he was coming back from extorting Hollywood he had a goon with him carrying the bags, at that i went into a day dream where pee wee herman got into a bitch slap fight with him and the good reverum flew apart like dried leaves.
    As for the article, good read, but apathy is how we got to where we are today,that along with the “I just want to live my life” mantra coming from your average citizen, and my all time favorite when asked to vote” whats the use its rigged” the go to excuse for letting someone else do the heavy lifting, its just an extension of the entitlement folks!
    Its not just a matter of standing up for whats right in this country anymore ( we are way past that ), you also have to be ready to be demonized, persecuted and raked over the PC coals, thats the whole purpose of political correctness, shut down dissension and control the social paradigm.
    So the way i see it, we who love freedom enough to (at the very least) say so have become outlaws and radicals, and to think i have spent the last two decades learning to do the right thing only to find that the right thing is against the law, BWAAAA HAAAA HAAAA HAAA, thats just too damn funny!

  19. Spurwing Plover

    This Sharpton idiot wants to make it a crime for a white to shoot a black in Self Defense Frankly he needs to take the next boat or plane back to africa One Way No Returns Allowed

  20. graymatter

    Remember that Obama said he always sought out the radicals in college. His fundamental change is radical change. Radicals are agitators and nihilists working up the street. What is their goal? It is more than redistribution of wealth. There is a bigger endgame. I image Saul Alinksy knew what is would be. (I suspect Lenin and Castro would know, too.) I imagine that the endgame of the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam intersect. Does anyone know?

  21. Democrats have created failure and called it prejudice.

    Where does President Obama stand in this? Obama basically has no relationship with the black experience in America. That is why he thinks Al Sharpton is an authoritative voice. Obama is a third world socialist. By picking Sharpton as his adviser on race, he is associating himself and his policies with Welfare America, not the America the rest of us live in.

    Sharpton creates chaos out of untruths and gets paid for the publicity. That is what Obama has embraced as “race relations.” No good is ever going to come of it. The more successful it is, the more of a dead end it is. Left-wingers believe that rioting and looting for the right reasons are legitimate forms of political protest that are protected by the First Amendment. Ditto for physical force and intimidation so long as they are in pursuit of leftist goals.

    Obama’s initial plan to destroy America is well well underway. The Constitution has been torn up and thrown away. Capitalism is under attack everywhere. Small businesses are defunct. Racism is the new route to power. Religion is destroyed. Liberty has been taken away. Muslims are planning the long-range takeover of America with Obama’s help. The government has ballooned, gun ownership is under attack, abortion and euthanasia of the elderly is underway, the military has been a laughing stock. He has blown through 9 Trillion dollars in six years that we NEVER had and can NEVER repay, Common Core Marxism stupidity is the rule of the day, everything is gay this and transgender that, marriage is dissolved, and the country we used to know and cherish is gone forever.

    Societal entropy is caused by liberalism. End of story.

    • Well said Jenna. You are so right! I hope to see true Americans rise up and take this country back! It is getting late………VERY LATE! We must act now. I will go out fighting.

  22. Al Sharpton is the most obnoxious,ugling,annoying,race baiting cretin in America. Figures he has been in The WHITE house 85 times. His face should be on toilet paper and in every urinal in the USA. I would love to spit in his face .

  23. Isn’t it obvious now that the collective black community can bring nothing to the table – can contribute nothing- except pathetic excuses of victimization? Sharpton personifies everything that’s wrong with black society.

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